Hypermarket Retail POS Software That Lets You Handle Out-Of-Stock Scenarios With Efficient Inventory, Re-Order, Expiry, Return & Wastage Management Modules. Give A Great Checkout Experience With Mobile Billing Apps. Mobile App Gives You Auto Notification Of Your Business Performance. Drive More Profits With Insights into Your Store Data 100% Data Accuracy As Business Becomes System Driven

Talk To Your Business
Measure & Improve Business Performance by Knowing Top 5 Selling Items, Non Selling Items & Short Expiry Items

Analyze Your Path to Purchase
Purchase Accurately, Stock Right By Knowing the Total Purchase Vs Sales Value, Product Wise Margin, Return & Damage

Strike the Right Deal
Negotiate Better With Supplier, Get To Know Supplier Wise Gross Margin, Outstanding, Last Paid Date

Instant Business Notifications
Take Complete Control on Your Business with Real Time Alerts on Bill Edit, Zero Stock, Daily Business Summary

Operate Business Efficiently
Create & Assign Task to Employees on Any Areas of Improvement Identified Through Mobile App

Inventory Tracking Control

100% Knowledge On What Is In The Shop, What Needs To Be In The Shop, And What Does Not Use The Racks, Shelves And The Complete Shop Space To Stock Products That Are Fast Moving & Clear Out The Non-Moving Ones, Wastage And Release The Blocked Working Capital Always Be Aware Of Accurate Stock Position - For All Outlets & Also Individually. Know Truth About Inventory From The Software Follow The Complete Transaction History Of Any Product; Understand From Which Supplier It Was Purchased, At What Rate And To Whom It Was Sold At What Rate Any Product Can Be Sold - In Bulk, Loose Quantities, Part Of A Packaged Kit And More. Manage Different Inventory And Prices For Them. Position and Package Your Products Based On Customer Needs and Profit

Manage Several Businesses under One Roof With Our Hypermarket POS

All In One Solution To Manage & Sell Your Daily Essential Items, Apparel, Vessels, Footwear, Bags & More

Sell Smart Billing App for Your Store
Barcode Scanner Add Items to Cart Instantly With Integrated Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Instant Printing Print Bills On-The-Go with Bluetooth Printers or Take Bill Print From Current POS Printers

Scan Barcode with Camera Cut Down Costs On Peripherals, Make Bills In Few Seconds Using Inbuilt Camera Barcode Scanner

Offline Billing Afraid Of Network Connectivity and Power Issues? No Problem, Make Bills Offline and Sync It Later

Floor Wise Management Map Products Specific To Floor, Floor Wise & Department Wise Sales & Manager Commissions, Petty Cash

Product Categorization Business Wise Product Categorization, Customization Based On Product Mix In A Department, Get Reorder Recommendations

Multi Billing & Accounts Bill Products from Different Companies from a Common Bill Screen, Consolidated Accounts Statement for All Departments

Weighing Scale Barcode Simplify Loose Quantity Sales with Weighing Scale Embedded Barcode, Instantly Stick Barcodes & Bill for Faster Queues

CRM And Pricing Inbuilt CRM, Alerts, Loyalty Points, Pricing Management, 60+ Offer Types, Vouchers, Coupons. Maximize Sales per Customer

Complete Control on Multi-Location Stores For Hypermarket & Departmental Chain Stores

Payment Collection Collect Payments through Cash Or Cheque And Keep In Track Of Accounts & Receivables

Smart Reports
Use Reports And Data To Make Informed Decisions On Business Shop Information/Reports Can Be Accessed From Laptops And Smartphones As Well – Web Reporter Tool And Mobile App Come Along As Free Add-On Sales For Any Period, Sales-Returns, Product Margins, Pending Quotations, Sales-Orders And Deliveries, Commission Report, Top Customers And More Inventory Analysis Reports Such As Dead Stock Report, Wastage, Fast Moving Products, Slow Moving Products, Etc Helps Reordering To Be Profitable All Reports Can Be Given User Access And Privileges Ensuring Security Of Business Information
CRM & Loyalty Pull New Shoppers And Keep Them Coming Back To Your Store With Delightful Offers

Group Customers, Understand Their Purchase Frequency And Plan Personalized Offers. Reward Them With Loyalty Points For Every Purchase Made Put Creative Ideas Into Practice. Choose From Over 70+ Offers And Promotion Types And Keep The Store Buzzing With Excitement SMS Birthday Greetings And Offers To Customers And Keep In Regular Touch With Them. Release Coupons and Vouchers and Get More Customers Even Outside Your Catchment Area Direct Consistent Traffic to the Stores During NonBusiness/ Peak Hours As Well By Configuring Hourly Offers, Day Wise Offers

Multi Store Management
Bring All Your Outlets Together Head Quarter (HQ) Business Management Retail POS Solution Is A Web-Based, Easy-To-Use Software That Allows To Monitor Branch-Wise Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Receivables And Profits Etc. From A Central Location. Completely Scalable To Meet the Growing Needs Of the Retailer, Clear Visibility & Enhance Control on Outlet Operations

Integrated Accounting Features
Eliminates Need to Have a Separate Accounting Software and Double Work To Be Done For Posting Entry In Accounts

Purchase & Re-Order Features Make Profits Right from Your Purchase As Well

Calculate Accurate Net Cost Of The Products You Receive From Your Supplier By Creating Formulas To Automate Purchase Calculations Involving Tax, Cash & Scheme Discount, Free Items Given, Freight Charges And More Fix The Profit You Would Like To Get On Products During Purchase Itself. Automatic Sales Price Setting For Each Item Or A Category Of Items Irrespective Of Change In Purchase Cost With Mark-Up & Mark-Down. Get Notified If The Purchase Price Is Higher Than The Last Purchase Or Higher Than Price Offered By Other Distributors Raise Purchase Orders, Get Approvals For The PO's, Invoice Them And Manage The Complete Flow With Ease Take 100% Control To Avoid Inward Of Any Products That Are Going To Expire Within The User Defined Period Avoiding Losses Save Time, Get Smart Recommendations On What To Purchase Next Based On Min & Max Quantities Set On Products Or On The Sales Of The Product For A Period

Security Control Complete & Effective Control for Your Store Operations

Authorization And Access To Store Data Is Configurable Role Or User Based. Role Based Access To Different Users Like Cashier, Supervisor, Manager & Administrator Is Configurable. Depending On The Roles, User Can Be Configured To Access Specific Product Screens Or Process. Multiple Levels of Security with an Option to Set Password for Login or Product Screens Is Also Possible


We have both Desktop and Cloud Based software. We also provide software according to your companies need. So feel free to talk with us. Price will be determined on the basis of your needs.

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