Features of the Payroll Software

From bringing efficiency to performance & decision-making capabilities to productivity Our Payroll Software brings a lot to you. The best part is that all this happens through a very user-friendly interface & you never need to create a robust infrastructure or implement a hi-fi technology. We have simplified the way your payroll should works.

Our Payroll Software is capable enough to provide employees’ complete details on a single screen with few clicks which replaces the need of looking into manual records. Payroll Software is fully capable of managing all the systems like Human Resources, Payroll Management, Compliance Management, tracking relevant information related to employee’s compensation & wages etc... effectively and efficiently.

It is also equipped with facilities like leave & bonus management, user wise access rights, automatic salary computation, an intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, salary slip over mail etc.

Attendance Management System (AMS)

HRXpert can be integrated with any biometric system, Keep track of employees’ attendance. Add data from machine, Excel or Manually.

Employee Payroll Management System ( EPMS)

Automatic salary calculation based on daily or monthly attendance of all employees.

Easy Payroll Compliances

Easy calculation of all types of statutory compliance i.e. P.F., E.S.IC., T.D.S. and Professional Tax & L.W.F.

ESS Module (Employee Self Service)

A cloud-based portal that allows employees to access their personal records and payroll details.

SMS Facility

Don’t miss anything important. Event-based regular SMS Intimations of attendance, approvals, and salary.

Assets Management

Manage your employees' amenities with ease.

A complete framework to manage multiple HRM related functions with ease. Creation and management of different levels of communication from offer letter to appointment to promotion letters, everything comes into one place to make the whole process hassle-free.

Organizations/teams work in different shifts and timings. HRXpert comes with built-in shift management feature with multiple shift management, time & attendance management & hourly basis roasters etc.

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to managing employees’ leave. Marg HrXpert, Leave Management System gives you the power to easily manage your employees’ leave application by using ESS Module. This system is designed to reduce the workload of HR department and HODs.

An Intelligent MIS is critical for any business, Marg HRxpert comes with multiple reports which can be used to track performance, behavioral patterns, department wise expenses etc. It gives enough data to management to create appropriate action plans for the business.

Business expenses are different for every employee based on their job role and requirements. With multiple employees, managing reimbursements becomes difficult. HRxpert comes with smart features for reimbursements management.

Information is critical for any business and what to be accessible to whom becomes more critical today. user level access rights in HRxpert really helps in managing these aspects of your business.

Employee Master

All details related to Employees like name, DOJ, DOB, Voter id, Passport details etc. can be maintained effectively in HrXpert Payroll Software.

Employee Document

All documents could be saved as scanned copy, like voter id, Address proof etc. Saving you to maintain separate hard-copy document file.

Time & Attendance Management

  1. Biometric Integration - HrXpert can be integrated to any biometric system. Ex - eSSL, Real-time, and can be integrated to Biometric software via SQL, MS Access, Text or Excel
  2. Excel Import - Attendance data can be imported via Excel in defined formats for Monthly or Daily basis attendance
  3. Manual Attendance - Attendance details can be managed manually via Mis punch, Leave & Late coming validation.
  4. Overtime, Shift management - Multiple shift/Roster and Overtime management is simple and more effective in HrXpert Payroll Software.

Multiple Leave policy management

Multiple types of leave could be maintain as per company policies, like EL, CL, PL, SL in HrXpert Payroll Software. This will also help you to define the allotment, carry-forward, Lapse etc. automated or manual. Also can be defined the maximum leaves in an employee account.

Multiple Salary Structure Management

HrXpert Payroll Software helps you for Various types of Salary structure as per company policies, like Fixed salary structure, Formula driven salary, Component vise provision of salary bifurcation, Fixed + Variable salary option, Daily wages salary provision etc.

Bifurcation of employees

Branch, Division, Department, Grade, Designation, Category, Grade creation, As per company structure

Bank Master, Payment master

Salary payment mode and Bank master provision options for simple salary payments

Reporting to creation

Provision to create reporting heads and reporting executives for defining the hierarchy tree in an Organization.

Advance & Loan master

Provision to create the advances/loans and their EMI payment as per company. It helps defining the easy way to handle the advance/loan deductions automated as well manual adjustments.

Arrears and increment payment

After increment Arrears calculation and payments as well statuary compliance return management.

Bonus payment

Bonus payment options as per govt. rule and company policies and concern reports generation required for statuary compliance.

Employee asset management

Employees allotted asset can be maintained in details including the stock and allotment details in HrXpert Payroll Software. It also help to maintain the tracking of asset till the time of full and final settlement. It even helps to define the dumping/scraping of any asset in Stock.

Employee joining module

HrXpert Payroll Software give you the provision to maintain and create the process from Candidate Application, Offer letter, Confirmation Letter, Joining letter etc. till joining of candidate as an employee. It also helps to maintain the records of candidates company is/have entertain them for an opening. Letters also can be generated by HrXpert Payroll Software as per the defined format as well hep you to maintain the soft-copy formats of joining formalities like Offer Letter, Confirmation letter, Joining letter, Promotion letter, Re-leaving letter, Experience letter

Birthday, Anniversary management

Provision to track and notify the employees birthday, Anniversary etc and help HR department for sending the greetings for same immediately via HrXpert Payroll Software.

CTC management

Provision to maintain Cost To Company is impressive in HrXpert Payroll Software. This helps Organization to maintain the costing of each employees at single place. Concern MIS reports generation will become effective and ease.

Cheque Printing

provision to print the cheque for easy salary payments mode of Cheque.

Pay-slip, email Payslip

Pay-slip generation as well emailing option. Selection can be done for personal or Professional mail selection. Various types of formats given to generate in Quick, PDF or Excel format from HrXpert Payroll Software.

Salary sheet and other salary reports

HrXpert Payroll Software help you to generate monthly as well Yearly various salary reports with numbers of formats in Quick view, Excel etc.

Monthly and yearly salary MIS reports

HrXpert Payroll Software defines various and multiple types of reports related to salary, employee, Reimbursement, Advance, Bonus, OT, Incentive etc on quick as well excel format.

Employee related reports

Employees reports with various details and multiple formats like Employee Info, ID Card, Summery etc.

Full & Final settlement

After putting the Date of Leaving, you can process for full & Final settlement in HrXpert Payroll Software. It also help you to adjust loan/Advance, Incentive, Asset or any other payment/deduction. The format gives the brief details of employee details and salary.

User creation

Multiple login can be created in HrXpert Payroll Software Gold Version as per users.

User wise credentials

HrXpert Payroll Software Maintain the Log report user wise. This will help you in getting details of edit and modification done in software by the user with date and time.

Payroll Compliance

  1. Provident fund management (PF), including Monthly, Half yearly, Yearly returns as per govt standards. Online return ECR can be generated directly from HrXpert Payroll Software. Generate and Upload on PF site. Its that simple.
  2. Employee State Insurance (ESI), all reports and returns are available in HrXpert Payroll Software, as per Govt. standards.
  3. State wise Professional Tax (PT)
  4. TDS management and form 16 generation
  5. State wise Labour Welfare Fund management (LWF)

Employee Self Service

  • Cloud based employee portal
  • Employee can view his details
  • Online attendance correction
  • Leave, out duty, miss punch update
  • Online Pay-slip view
  • Advance/Loan, manual attendance
  • Team attendance and leave management
  • Manager log in to check team details
  • Holiday list
  • Notification
  • HR/Company policy
  • Online task update
  • Online Pay-slip view
  • Advance/Loan, manual attendance
  • Contact details management
  • Direct integration with HrXpert

User Friendly

Our payroll software is easy to implement, use, and flexible to organization’s nature of work. The interface has been designed keeping in mind the end users and how employees can easily use it.

Reduced Cost

Get rid of the costly and time-consuming manual process of managing payroll. A manual payroll process is not only time consuming but also inefficient and wastes a lot of resources and man-hour which makes it a costly affair.

Data Analysis and Informed Decision

Our payroll software generates multiple MIS reports analyzing organization department wise. It’s easier to tweak employees strength in various departments

Data Protection

We understand the importance of data and have provided multiple layers of security with access rights to make the system robust, secure and efficient.


We have both Desktop and Cloud Based software. We also provide software according to your companies need. So feel free to talk with us. Price will be determined on the basis of your needs.

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