User-Friendly POS & Billing Solution Developed For Specialized Retailing Of Books & Publishing, Sports Equipment & Games Store, Hard-Ware & Sanitary, Tiles, Auto-Parts, Pets & Paints Business. This Helps The Retailer to Categories & Classify Inventory Properly For Timely Replenishment of Stock & Sales, Eradicate Malpractice & Pilferage And Thereby Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Handle Huge Unique Inventory With More Profit And Happy Customers

POS For Your Unique Business Flow To Help You Streamline Purchase With Right Inventory, Customer Preferences And Sell More

Mobile App Track Non-Moving, Category & Age-Wise, Stock & Sales Reports

Quickly Start Pop-Up Shops & Bill From Your Smartphone

Ensure Best Service Delivery And Win Your Customer's Loyalty

Cloud POS Easy & Quick Setup, Secured Offline, Expand & Grow

Auto Parts & Hardware Maintain Large Inventory, Sell In Units Of Kgs, Pieces, Sq.Ft, Litres. Different Pricing Levels For Same Product & Sell With Ease

Books & Stationery Search Books By Author Name, Genres And Track With ISBN Number. Sell At Book Fares With Mobile Billing App

Spa & Salon Fix, Manage Customer Appointments & Deliver Best Service. Get Service Feedback Instantly With Mobile App

Pets, Sports & Games Categorize Pet Products As Food, Grooming, Medicine & Accessory. Age Based Sports & Games. Sell Related Items With Offers

Planning To Sell In An Exhibition or Want To Start A Pop-Up Shop Instantly? Easily Extend Your Business Location With Mobile, A Tablet Based Billing App

Why Our POS Software Is The Perfect Solution For Your Multi-Location Retail Store

No Loss Of Sales Due To Zero Stock. Look Up Stocks From Other Stores & Win Deals

Configure Outlet Specific Offers & Festive Season Pricing Right From HO

Compare Your Business Performance & Get Real Time Business Analytics.

Centralized Master Data & Integrated Accounting

Redeem From Any Store: Centralized Loyalty With OTP, Gift Vouchers And Discount Coupons

Free Up Working Capital With Excess Stock Transfer From Any Outlet To Performing Outlets

Integrate POS With Your E-Commerce Business Increase Revenue Potential And Reduce Operating Costs

Smart Reports

Use Reports And Data To Make Informed Decisions On Business Shop Information/Reports Can Be Accessed From Laptops And Smartphones As Well – Web Reporter Tool And Mobile App Come Along As Free Add-On Sales For Any Period, Sales-Returns, Product Margins, Pending Quotations, Sales-Orders And Deliveries, Commission Report, Top Customers And More Inventory Analysis Reports Such As Dead Stock Report, Wastage, Fast Moving Products, Slow Moving Products, Etc Helps Reordering To Be Profitable All Reports Can Be Given User Access And Privileges Ensuring Security Of Business Information

Integrated Accounting Features

Eliminates Need to Have A Separate Accounting Software And Double Work To Be Done For Posting Entry In Accounts

Purchase & Re-Order Features Make Profits Right From Your Purchase As Well

Calculate Accurate Net Cost Of The Products You Receive From Your Supplier By Creating Formulas To Automate Purchase Calculations Involving Tax, Cash & Scheme Discount, Free Items Given, Freight Charges And More Fix The Profit You Would Like To Get On Products During Purchase Itself. Automatic Sales Price Setting For Each Item Or A Category Of Items Irrespective Of Change In Purchase Cost With Mark-Up & Mark-Down. Get Notified If The Purchase Price Is Higher Than The Last Purchase Or Higher Than Price Offered By Other Distributors Raise Purchase Orders, Get Approvals For The PO's, Invoice Them And Manage The Complete Flow With Ease Take 100% Control To Avoid Inward Of Any Products That Are Going To Expire Within The User Defined Period Avoiding Losses Save Time, Get Smart Recommendations On What To Purchase Next Based On Min & Max Quantities Set On Products Or On The Sales Of The Product For A Period

Security Control Complete & Effective Control For Your Store Operations

Authorization And Access To Store Data Is Configurable Role Or User Based. Role Based Access To Different Users Like Cashier, Supervisor, Manager & Administrator Is Configurable. Depending On The Roles, User Can Be Configured To Access Specific Product Screens Or Process. Multiple Levels of Security With An Option To Set Password For Login Or Product Screens Is Also Possible


We have both Desktop and Cloud Based software. We also provide software according to your companies need. So feel free to talk with us. Price will be determined on the basis of your needs.

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